Feeder Head Snow Goose Decoys


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Feeder Head Snow Goose Decoys


Product Details

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Contains 1 Dozen Decoys.

The snow goose body printings are on rotproof and waterproof Tyvek®. The bodies dimensions are 12” W X 19” L with three holes in the bottom.

BACKBONE™ SUPPORT –  Our supports are patent. We use no-break plastic material for all BackBone™ Support. Supports allow the decoys to be off the ground, so even low breezes give some movement. You hunt with a full body in all wind and weather conditions.  

STAKE OPTIONS: When ordering our feeder snow decoys, you will have to decide which stakes you want: 1/4″ fiberglass stakes (either 24” or 36” long) or 3/16 stainless steel stakes (24” long). The 36” tall stakes are used around laydown or pit blinds to break them up. They are also a favorite of those hunting shallows.

3D HARD PLASTIC FEEDER HEAD has highly detailed feathering. Snow goose hunters often overlook feeder heads. If you are going to hunt small spreads, feeders should not be ignored. Feeder heads, molded to tie into the BackBone™ support, allow the decoys to change direction with the wind. 

COMPACT! The Deadly Decoys® windsock decoy bag (sold separately) holds 48 fully assembled feeder snows. It makes for easy transport and storage. Similar in size to a large duffle bag, it fits into small spaces. 

Features Include:
  • Patented No-Break Backbone™ Support
  • Choose either Powder Coated Stainless Steel or Fiberglass stake
  • Tyvek® Body: Waterproof – Rot Proof – Detailed Color Print
  • 3-D Molded Plastic Head
  • Space Saving: 48 in our decoy bag take the same space as two full-body decoys
  •  Adds Motion Decoy 
  • Sold by the dozen (12 decoys)


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