Snow Goose Rotary Machine Flyer


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Snow Goose Rotary Machine Flyer

From: $44.99

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Deadly Decoys® Snow Goose Rotary Machine Flyers have wings that fold so they can be packed in and out of the field. We hunt with four rotary machines per field with eight of our rotary snow goose flyers on them. They attach to the rotary machine our adaptor, which is included when you buy a rotary machine flyer. Transporting them is simple with the Deadly Decoys® Windsock Decoy Bag. 

Like most of the products we sell, the design was out of our need. I noticed that we kept wearing out the motors for the rotary machines fast. Swapping out the motors was not a huge deal, but they were expensive. The motor failure (we felt) was the wind drag overworking the small 12-volt motor, creating heat that shortened the motor’s life.  

Winds during the spring season can be extreme. To solve the wind drag issue, we added white mesh to the bottom of the flyers. Immediately we noticed two things. 

First, the battery that powers the rotary machines started lasting all day. This allowed us to downsize our battery from a deep cycle that weighed 73 lbs to a 22 lbs sealed lead acid battery. No more spilling battery acid, and the cost is a fraction of the deep cycle battery. Second, we stopped having to replace motors as frequently. Something made a difference. The only thing that changed was the design of our flyer.

Sold Individually or 6 Pack.

Replacement Wing Spars

The flyer wing spars will need replacing over time with use. We suggest you have extras on hand while hunting. They are cheap and easy to replace. We sell a 10-pack.


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