Blue Goose Flyer


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Blue Goose Flyer

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Deadly Decoys® Blue Goose Flyer Decoys fill my needs as a snow goose guide. For decades, an essential tool for me has been a pole kite. It is a t-flag on a long pole for those unfamiliar with one. Over the years, it became apparent that snow goose flocks paid little attention as they flew over me if I flapped the pole kite hard. However, they would lock up on the spread if I “sailed it,” which means moving it side-to-side without flapping. 

With this knowledge, we designed the flyer pole kit (sold separately), miming this movement. No matter the type of decoys you hunt, our flyer decoy complements them. 

When hunting snow and blues, more decoys are better. In our typical decoy spread, 20 or more flyers are standard. When we pull them out of the field, the wings are collapsed and placed in our Deadly Decoys® Windsock Decoy Bag. It keeps us organized and the wings spar from being damaged.

✅FLYER POLE KIT:(sold separately)

The standard size is 4 feet. We also sell six and 8-foot lengths. We added a low position to the poles since many hunt migrator rigs are set and left in the field for some time. This lower position is for overnight and high-wind days, reducing the flyer’s wear and tear. The bouncer arm holds the flyer and gives the side-to-side movement in the wind.

Sold Individually or SAVE by purchasing 6.

Replacement Wing Spars

The flyer wing spars will need replacing over time with use. We suggest you have extras on hand while hunting. They are cheap and easy to replace. We sell a 10-pack.


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