Snow Goose Flyer


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Snow Goose Flyer

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Deadly Decoys® Snow Goose Flyer Decoys were designed to fill a personal need. For more than two decades, we guided snow goose hunters during the spring season. One of my favorite tools is a pole kite. When I flapped it like flying goose wings, the massive flocks of snow geese flew by, paying little attention. However, if I sailed it, which is my term for holding the flag in the air, and moving it side-to-side, they started working the spread. 

Based on this, Damian and I designed a flyer that looked like snow and blue geese circling with a little wing movement but not hard flapping, which was less effective based on my in-field observations. We later designed the flyer pole kit that added the side-to-side sway. We now had a highly effective snow goose decoy.  

Deadly Decoys® snow goose flyers add movement to a decoy spread—no matter what type of decoys you hunt with, full-bodies, silhouettes, floaters, or windsocks. Our flyer decoy complements them all. 

We use 20-30 flyers in our snow goose spread. They get a lot of hunting pressure in the spring conservation season. Looking different is an advantage that gets us better results!

The wings are folded flat during transport and placed in our Deadly Decoys® Windsock Decoy Bag, keeping them organized and the wing spar (fiberglass stick for the wings) from being damaged.

Flyer Pole Kit:

If you buy our flyers, we strongly suggest purchasing our Flyer Pole Kits (sold separately). The standard size is 4 feet with the ability to add extensions in 2 feet increments to make the six, eight, or higher lengths. Since snow goose spreads are left in the field often, we added a low position for the flyer on the pole. This allows you to put them down at night and on high-wind days for less wear on the flyer decoy. The bouncer arm is the part that holds the flyer and gives the side-to-side movement in the wind.

Sold Individually or SAVE by purchasing 6.

✅Flyer Pole Kits Sold Separately: 

Why do we sell them Separately?

Each hunter has different hunting situations. A 4-foot pole kit might work for one hunter, but a 4-foot pole would be underwater for another. They might need a 6 or 8-foot pole kit. Selling them separately, our customers can buy what will work for them.

Many pictures show the flyers on our flyer pole kits that come in 4, 6, or 8-ft lengths. Flyer Pole Kits are SOLD SEPARATELY. 

Replacement Wing Spars:

The flyer wing spars will need replacing over time with use. We suggest you have extras on hand while hunting. They are cheap and easy to replace. We sell a 10-pack.


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