Headless Blue Goose Decoys


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Headless Blue Goose Decoys


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Headless decoys make up the majority of most snow goose spreads. We run 75% without heads and 25% headed per set. Of that, 75% are headless decoys, 25% are blue geese, 65% are snow geese, and 10% are juvy snow geese.

Blue geese are magnificent birds. The full-color print process we use on the rotproof, waterproof Tyvek® material makes our blue goose bodies stunning. We set the standard 15 years ago of what a blue goose print should look like, and we have only improved on it. The dimensions of the body are 12″ W X 19″ L. The bottom of each decoy body has three drain holes that allow moisture out.

All our decoys have BackBone Supports™. This support, designed for the spring snow goose season, proved the concept. If the decoy body is already off the ground, a slight breeze will give your spread some movement. Until we started Deadly Decoys®, no windsock decoys came with supports. Our supports, made from no-break plastic, are superior to any other “support” sold today. 

Stake Options: Headless blue goose decoys stake options: 1/4″ fiberglass stakes (either 24″ or 36″ long) or 3/16 stainless steel stakes (24″ long). We use Tall Stakes (36″) to help break up the laydown blinds, but they work equally well in sheet water set-ups or to help hide pit openings. Having a taller decoy throws shadows and breaks up its shape. All fiberglass stakes come with black push-nut tops.

Compact: Our Deadly Decoys® Windsock Decoy bag (sold separately) holds 150 fully assembled headless goose decoys. If you have multiple spreads, paint the ends of the decoy bags different colors to keep them organized. Doing this makes it easy to count, store, and transport decoys as you move with the snow geese. 

Features Include:
  • Patented No-Break Backbone™ Support
  • Choose Stake Option: Powder Coated Stainless Steel or Fiberglass with Push Nut Cap.
  • Tyvek® Body: Waterproof – Rot Proof – Detailed Color Print
  • Space Saving: 150 headless windsocks take up the space of 2 Full Bodies
  • Motion Decoy

We offer bulk pricing on large orders. It also applies to all our products. Please call us at 563-382-4883 for a quote. We would be happy to assist you.