Hen Mallard Flyer


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Hen Mallard Flyer

From: $24.99

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Have you ever considered a mallard flyer?


You can easily pack Deadly Decoys® hen mallard flyers into a public walk-in hunting area. If you are lucky enough to have your own duck lake or hunting lease, you can leave them in the blind between hunts. 


The wings fold up, so storage is simple. If you hunt over a couple, put them into a large tool bag from a home improvement store. If you hunt over a flock of them, use our windsock decoy bag.


Give the ducks a different look from what they see at every decoy spread they fly over, 3-5 dozen decoys with two spinning wing decoys.


Did you notice spinning wing decoys are not as effective as they once were? Mallard flyers can be used in conjunction with or to replace a spinning wing decoy.


Being different is all it takes at times to get ducks to set their wings and drop their legs…


…when that happens,  you will be happy you made the purchase!


Deadly Decoys® Mallard Flyer is a fantastic Mallard Flyer that can give every duck hunter’s decoy spread a unique look, are compact for easy transport, and NO BATTERY!


Designed to work best with our flyer pole kit. The flyer poles side to side sway mimics a bird gliding into your decoys. With even a light wind, our flyer decoys add movement.


They will help draw birds in close for feet down up-close action!


Sold individually – Don’t forget to buy a Drake Mallard Flyer too.


Flyer Pole Kit in the video is sold separately.

Discounts are available if you buy in bulk. Bulk pricing is not shown on the website. Please call us at 563-382-4883 to get a quote.  


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