Sentry Head Juvy Snow Goose Decoys


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Sentry Head Juvy Snow Goose Decoys


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We like having decoys with some color in our spread; personal preference – maybe. During the conservation order, we often get snow or rain that turns into ice. A pure white adult snow goose decoy on the snow-covered ground is not very visible. The decoys with color, juvy snows, and blue goose bodies stick out in the snow and melt ice way faster than white snow goose bodies, drawing flocks of snow geese to your spread. 

We started using a new supplier in 2019. They work diligently with us, and we are proud of the renewed juvy snow’s vivid, flat colors on Tyvek®. This material is rotproof and waterproof—the ideal material for windsocks exposed to the weather. Dimensions of our juvy snow body are 12″ W X 19″ L. Rain, or snow & ice melt is not an issue; three drain holes for water drainage.

How many juvy decoys per spread? We like 10-15% juvy’s snow decoys in our light goose decoys spreads. 

BackBone Supports™:

Supports are standard when you buy our windsocks decoys. We have hunted over our BackBone™ supports for thousands of days since 2006, when the first decoys hit the market. With this much time in the field, we have perfected them. They are patented, lightweight, and made of no-break plastic. 

3D Hard Plastic Head:
We like a decoy with a hard plastic head. Since it is hard, we can grab it, like a handle, to poke in or pull the decoy spread.
Stake Options: 

Sentry Juvy Snows have three stake options: 1/4″ fiberglass stakes (30″ or 36″ long) or 3/16 stainless steel stakes (24″ long). A metal insert molded in the top of the head accepts our stainless steel stakes threads. We suggest adding a thread locker (stainless steel) or glue (stainless or fiberglass) on the stake during assembly. If you want to disassemble the head from the stake in the future, you shouldn’t glue them.


Forty-eight assembled sentry decoys fill our Deadly Decoys® windsock bag (sold separately). We use it to count, store, organize and transport the decoys.  

Features Include:
  • Patented No-Break Backbone™ Support
  • Choose Stake Option: Powder Coated Stainless Steel or Fiberglass.
  • Tyvek® Body: Waterproof – Rot Proof – Detailed Color Print
  • Space Saving: 48-headed windsocks take up the space of 2 Full Bodies
  • Motion Decoy

We offer bulk pricing on large orders. It also applies to all our products. Please call us at 563-382-4883 for a quote. We would be happy to assist you.