Pintail Flyer


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Pintail Flyer

From: $39.99

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Deadly Decoys® Pintail Flyers:

The wings fold up, making transportation simple. If you hunt with a pair or two, you can carry them in a large tool bag. When hunting with a flock, take them in and out of the field with our Deadly Decoys® Windsock Decoy Bag. 

Pintail Flyers complement our Mallard Flyers. One or two mixed with them looks Deadly! If you are fortunate enough to live in one of those areas where pintails are a dominant bird, you can use them alone. 

The design works best when mounted on our Flyer Pole Kits (sold separately). The kit’s bouncer arm allows a side-to-side sway. Just like ducks coming in hot. The stronger the wind, the more the movement. They add movement, are simple to use, and have NO BATTERIES TO CHARGE! 

Sold Individually or SAVE MORE BY BUYING A 6 pack.

✅Flyer Pole Kits Sold Separately: 

Why do we sell them Separately?

Each hunter has different hunting situations. A 4-foot pole kit might work for one hunter, but a 4-foot pole would be underwater for another. They might need a 6 or 8-foot pole kit. Selling them separately, our customers can buy what will work for them.

Many pictures show the flyers on our flyer pole kits that come in 4, 6, or 8-ft lengths. Flyer Pole Kits are SOLD SEPARATELY. 

Replacement Wing Spars:

The flyer wing spars will need replacing over time with use. We suggest you have extras on hand while hunting. They are cheap and easy to replace. We sell a 10-pack.

Discounts are available if you buy in bulk. Bulk pricing is not shown on the website. Please call us at 563-382-4883 to get a quote.


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