Headless Specklebelly Goose Decoys


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Headless Specklebelly Goose Decoys


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Headless Specklebelly decoys depict feeding specks with their heads down. On large spreads of several hundred decoys or more, we will run up to 75% of a speck spread headless decoys. On smaller spreads of a hundred or less, we run 25-50% headless decoys.

Our Specklebelly bodies are some of the finest available. They are made of rot and waterproof Tyvek®. Full-colored inks printed on the Tyvek® create feather detail that is unmatched. The process we use is expensive but creates higher resolution. The dimensions of the Specklebelly body are 12” W X 19” L. Each body has 3 holes in the bottom to allow water to drain.

BACKBONE™ SUPPORT: Headless speck decoys come with a Patent No-Break BackBone™ Support. This unique support design that you can only get with our decoys. It gives them a full body in all types of weather that gets results.

STAKE OPTIONS:  Our headless specks give you three different stake options to choose from 1/4″ fiberglass stakes (either 24” or 36” long) or 3/16 stainless steel stakes (24” long). This gives every Specklebelly hunter a decoys stake that fits their hunting area. If you have hard ground, stainless steel stakes work great. If you are looking for a lighter-weight option, consider 24” fiberglass. Need something tall to help conceal laydown blinds or pits the 36” stakes work well. All fiberglass stakes come with push nut tops.

COMPACT: Headless decoys pack nicely into our Deadly Decoys® windsock decoy bag (sold separately).  Layered properly the decoy bag hold 150 fully assembled headless Specklebelly decoys. It is a simple and easy way to store and transport your spread. Fully packed the decoy bag is about the size of a large duffle bag so it fits about anywhere you have room.  

Features Include: Patented No-Break Backbone™ Support
  • Choose 24” Stake Option: Powder Coated Stainless Steel or Fiberglass with Push Nut Cap.
  • Tyvek® Body: Waterproof – Rot Proof – Detailed Color Print
  • Space Saving: 150 headless windsocks take up the space of 2 Full Bodies
  • Motion Decoy 
  • Sold by the dozen (12 decoys)