Feeder Head Canada Goose Decoys


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Feeder Head Canada Goose Decoys


Product Details

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Sold by the dozen.

High Quality:

NEW BODY PRINT – CHECK OUT THE FEATHER DETAIL! The Canada goose body is rotproof and waterproof Tyvek®. A detailed full-color print results in incredible feather detail. The process we use is expensive but has higher print quality. The dimensions of the Canada goose decoy bodies are 11″ W X 19″ L. We add three drain holes to let moisture out of the bottom. 

Patent No-Break BackBone™ Support lets you hunt with a full body in all conditions. 

Stake Options: 

We have three stake options for the feeder Canada decoys. You can choose from 1/4″ fiberglass stakes (either 24″ or 36″ long) or 3/16 stainless steel stakes (24″ long). Which is better, fiberglass or stainless steel? We hear reasons for both. Hunter in areas with hard ground tends towards stainless steel. Hunters worried about weight usually opt for fiberglass. The Tall Stakes (36″) are used around the blinds to break them up or for hunting shallow flooding. 

The hard plastic flocked 3D head has an adaptor that ties into the support; as the wind changes direction, so do the decoys. These heads accept either stainless steel (24″ looped top) or fiberglass stakes (24″ or 36″ long). 


The fully assembled forty-eight feeder Canada goose decoys pack into our Deadly Decoys® windsock decoy bag. Can you say easy transport and storage? The bag full is the size of a large duffle bag. 

Features Include:

  • Patented No-Break Backbone™ Support
  • Choose either Powder Coated Stainless Steel or Fiberglass stake
  • Tyvek® Body: Waterproof – Rot Proof – Detailed Color Print
  • Flocked 3-D Molded Plastic Head
  • Space Saving: 48 Take The Space Of 2 Full-Body Decoys
  •  Motion Decoy
  • Sold by the dozen (12 decoys)

We offer bulk pricing on large orders. It applies to all our products. Please call us at 563-382-4883 for a quote. We would be happy to assist you.