Deadly Mallard Floaters – One Dozen


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Deadly Mallard Floaters – One Dozen


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Sold by the Dozen.

Mallard floater decoys by Deadly Decoys® took many years to design. For a time, we thought it might never happen. We persisted through the challenges, and in the end, all of the work was worth it. They are beautiful decoys.

Our Mallard Floater Decoys Design:

Laurie J. McNeil, a world-champion decoy carver, was hired to produce our master copies. She took months to turn a block of wood into our decoys. She detailed them perfectly and brought them to life with an amazing paint scheme.

When the carving was complete, we added a unique keel design incorporating our Deadly Decoys® name and logo. We love the look and are sure you will too. The keel is weighted with three holes in different locations to attach your decoy line and weights.

Durability – Essential Requirement In Our Floaters:

We tested several different plastic blends before settling on an EVA blend. It is softer plastic with a bit of give for cold conditions, is durable, and has excellent paint adhesion.

Happy with the look and feel of the mallard floater decoys, we moved on to real-world testing. We wanted a side-by-side comparison of the market. To do this, we bought competitor floaters and tested them alongside ours. We submerged, froze, dropped, and threw them in and out of our duck boat. After running them through the wringer, we analyzed these crash test dummies. We were happy to find that our Deadly Decoys® mallard floater decoys tested as good or outperformed those competitors!

How Do They Hunt?

Our testing grounds are Pools 8 & 9 on the Mississippi River. This is a vast area that has every hunting situation. Rough big water, flooded timber, mud flats, and secluded backwaters are common hunting scenarios that vary yearly with the water levels. Deadly Decoys® Mallard Floaters fool those weary late-season mallards into dropping those orange legs while hunting in pressured public areas.

Dimensions Of The Decoys:

Approximate from the end of the bill to the tail.
D1 Drake (high head): 16″ L x 6.75″ W
D2 Drake (resting head): 15″ L x 7.25″ W
Hen: 14.75″ L x 6.75″ W