Deadly Rigs – Texas Rig Decoy Lines With A NON-LEAD Weight


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Deadly Rigs – Texas Rig Decoy Lines With A NON-LEAD Weight

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Deadly Rigs™ is the first NON-LEAD WEIGHT on a floater rig. They are a Texas rig decoy line with the loop under the decoys’ heads for easy pick-up. Grab the decoy by its head. Right at the keel is the loop. Stick a carabiner through the loop. On to the next decoy. Simple! 

Like most Deadly Decoy® products, we like putting our twist on what we sell. 

  • The decoy weights are powder-coated cast iron, not lead. If you’re not a huge fan of lead weight like us, these decoy rigs are for you. 
  • A barrel swivel snap lets you easily attach the decoy weight to your duck or goose floater.
  • The line is PVC-coated cable. We can’t tell you how much we like these coated cable lines. It’s far superior to monofilament. 
  • We incorporated our logo into our weight design, and it’s flat on two sides. The lead egg weight can roll across the bottom in rough water. 

Texas Rig Decoy Lines – Choose your weight and length:  Sold by half-dozen (6)

  • 4oz – 36 inch 
  • 4oz – 48 inch
  • 6oz – 48 inch

We also sell weights only for the do-it-yourself hunters who like to build custom-length rigs. They are in the DECOY WEIGHTS category.