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BackBone™ Support


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BackBone™ support is hands down the most durable and proven windsock support. 

BackBone™ Support Features:
  • Made from no-break plastic, being shot is the only time we have seen them destroyed in our decoy spreads.
  • This support holds up to harsh weather conditions. We have hunted snow, ice, and wind storms; the spread is always huntable.
  • They don’t collapse. To quote a customer, “I had it narrowed down to two companies—your decoys and another with supports that collapse. I chose them because they had a little better price. I want to be mad at that company, but their decoys performed just as they said…they collapsed all day long in the heavy wind. I spent all day fixing decoys that had folded up instead of hunting.” He sold those and bought ours.
  • It prolongs the life of windsock decoys bodies. In most places, the support holds the decoy body above the field debris—preventing the stubble from cutting holes in the decoy body.  
  • Disassembly is a breeze. Ours has a rubber retainer tube holding up the stake’s support. Slide the support and body down the stake. Turn the body inside out, tape the hole, turn it right side out, and slide it back in place. Super simple! 
  • Since the decoy body is parallel to the ground, a slight breeze gives some movement. Heavy winds are never an issue; they hold up and look great. 
  • Add them to your current decoys. The supports will fit any decoy with a 3/16 or 1/4 stake. Many customers buy our support to swap out the “other guy’s supports” they don’t like. 

We were the first windsock company to come out with modern-day windsock support. It is the collaboration of a veteran mold manufacturer and a snow goose guide. The design was unique enough that we were able to patent it. All kinds of decoy companies call their “supports” BackBone™ Supports, our trademarked name, but none are equal. 

Did you know there weren’t decoy supports in the early days of the Conservation Order? 

During the spring snow goose season, there isn’t wind early and late in the day. It isn’t until the sun gets higher in the sky that the wind blows. Windsock decoys without support or wind don’t look that good. Determined to solve this issue, starting in late 2003 and bring to market in early 2006, Damian Kuzmin and Tracy Northup worked through several support versions before we finalized the one sold today. 


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