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BackBone™ Support

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The BackBone™ support is the product that gave birth to Deadly Decoys®, Inc. Ours was the first patented No-Break modern-day windsock decoy support. When the decoy body bag is already parallel to the ground, it moves with even the slightest breeze.

Did you know there weren’t decoy supports in the early days of the Conservation Order? There isn’t wind many days early and late during the spring snow goose season. It isn’t until the sun gets higher in the sky that the wind blows. Windsocks without a support or wind look awful. Determined to solve this issue, starting in late 2003 and bring to market in early 2006, Damian Kuzmin and Tracy Northup worked through several versions of supports, finally coming up with a design unique enough to patent. 

We were the first windsock company to come out with modern-day windsock support. Today, all kinds of “supports” are called BackBone™ Supports, our trademarked name, but none are as durable and proven. 



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