Flyer Pole Kit


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Flyer Pole Kit

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Flyer Pole Kit – Fool Ducks And Geese Into Thinking The Decoys Are Real Birds – The Bouncer Arm Gives A Side To Side Swaying Action of Waterfowl Bombing In 


Flyer Pole Kit comes with the pole and bouncer arm.


* EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! Solid steel made in the USA. It will last you a lifetime! 


* REVOLUTIONARY! High and low flyer position: put the flyers in the high position when hunting normal conditions. In high winds, you can put them in the lower position to keep the movement less erratic. If you are hunting a migrator spread, put the flyer in the low position overnight so high winds will not blow them over possibly damaging the flyer.


* AMAZING! With the low position, you could add a second bouncer arm & flyer. Two flyers on one pole look like a pair of birds landing togetherrealism!


* SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! The Bouncer Arm gives a side-to-side sway action of waterfowl cutting air. It fools ducks and geese into thinking your decoys are real.


* EXTREMELY EASY TO USE! The basic pole is 4 feet long. With our two-foot extensions (raises the flyer 22 inches per extension you add) you can raise the flyer to 6 or 8 feet. This lets you vary the heights of the flyers to look like a flock landing. It’s is an amazing tool that helps every waterfowler mimic landing birds fooling them into gun range.


A Flyer Pole Kit is a must-have when you purchase our flyers!


Deadly Decoys provides the best Snow Goose Hunting Decoys for Ducks, Blue Geese, Juvy Snow Geese, Canada Geese, White Fronted Geese (also known as Specklebelly Geese) and more. We provide poles, bags, stakes, Flyer Pole kits, decoy parts and accessories for waterfowl hunters.


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