Deadly Rigs – NON-LEAD Floater Decoy Weights


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Deadly Rigs – NON-LEAD Floater Decoy Weights


Product Details


“Deadly Rigs” are for every waterfowler who hunts ducks and geese over water but can’t find an environmentally friendly option.

Here’s a huge question you face right now. Do you want to put lead into your favorite wetland?

Duck hunters are the world’s leading conservationists!

We stopped putting lead shot into our duck holes 30 years ago, but how about your decoy weights?

All we want to do is hunt waterfowl, ensure the resource for future generations, and protect the environment at the same time.

Nobody sells an environmentally friendly floater weight, RIGHT?

Luckily for you, there is now a solution.

Deadly Rigs are NON-LEAD,  6 oz powder-coated weight made of cast iron. They are strung on 50 inches of PVC coated cable decoy line. A barrel snap swivel attaches the rig to the floater decoy. The loop is at the top of the line. Pick up the decoy by the head. Stick the carabiner through the loop. Go to the next decoy. Simple!

So, if you are a duck hunter who is in the market for decoy weights but can’t find anything but lead decoy weights.

“Deadly Rigs” is the answer!


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